When you can live your life with confidence, in a calm state and have
an understanding of yourself... that is a 'true' way of 'being'!

Need to handle stress better?
Need to sleep more deeply?
Want to be able to relax?

Relaxation Breakthrough

Be guided into a deep relaxation with this 30-45 minute session with Sandra.

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Free Relaxation Audio

Listen to this 10 minute audio to relax and be calm. You can find relaxation and peace.

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What Others Are Saying

Learn how Sandra’s methods have helped many others who found themselves with lack of focus, anxiety and challenges sleeping.

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Day 1
27 Mar 2015
Day 2
28 Mar 2015
Day 3
08 Apr 2015
Day 4
15 Apr 2015
Day 5
21 Apr 2015
Day 6
22 Apr 2015
Day 7
03 Jun 2015
Day 8
04 Jun 2015

Chakra Yoga

If you are reading this you are likely making the effort to live holistically – body, mind and spirit. You are proactive and health conscious.  You do the best you...
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Yoga Sessions

Getaway day!

Come enjoy a day long getaway we’ve designed just for you, to refresh, relax & rejuvenate your mind, body & soul… Registration includes a full day of treatments & sessions...
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How to Sleep Better

3 ways you can improve your sleep holistically and for good! Session is $10

Breath, Mindfulness and Meditation

What’s it all about? Session is $10.
Meditation and Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? (4 sessions)

(Details to come) 4 Sessions for $80 Tuesdays: April 21, April 28, May 5 & May 12
Meditation and Mindfulness

Beginner’s Meditation (4 sessions)

This is an easy and casual conversation about meditation and how you can bring the benefits of meditation into your life without a major lifestyle change. Each class creates a...
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Meditation and Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? (4 sessions)

(Details to come) 4 Sessions for $80 Wednesdays: June 3, 10, 17 & 24
Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation Part II (4 sessions)

After the first exciting and stimulating venture into meditation, most want more!  This class continues with more lessons on how you can bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life....
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Meditation and Mindfulness


I hope everyone had a renewing and rejuvenating Easter.  For many, it is a traditional gathering of family dinners and outings.  Sometimes there are mixed...
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